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Package 1 - $150

1 hour in studio or on location

All your images delivered digitally +2 Retouched Images

Package 2 - $400

3 - 4 hours in studio or on location (or mixed)

All your images delivered digitally +5 Retouched Images


If you would like to book a free consultation contact me!

Booking & Consultations
I book headshot sessions for weekdays and weekends between 12 pm and 6 pm Consultations take about 15 to 30 minutes (by phone or in person over coffee), during which we discuss what you're looking for in a headshot and how best to capture it. This also breaks down barriers, and gives you the opportunity to decide if we're a good fit. 


To prepare yourself, there are a few things to remember.

A good night's sleep is a wonderful thing (and coffee can help).

Eat well in the morning but you don't want to feel bloated or hungry.

Stay hydrated, drink plenty of water (your skin will thank you).



When considering your wardrobe choices, it is best to stay away from bright or busy patterns and avoid ill-fitting clothes. Well fitted dark colors and textures work wonderfully though bright colors can shine too. When thinking about color, choose something that compliments your eyes. 

Above all choose what you feel comfortable in.

Hair / Makeup

I recommend that you come to your headshot session with your makeup and hair styled as you would wear it to an audition. The idea behind this is that when you show up to an audition or to a meeting with an agent, you look like you do in your headshot.  You may bring your own makeup artist or I can provide  a professional for a fee of $100 (please provide 14 days notice if you require this service). If you need a haircut, I recommend giving yourself a week or so to get comfortable with your new hair. For men, if would like unshaven and shaven shots, you are welcome to bring a razor and shave part way through the session.

The Session

We will start your session by taking a few minutes to sit down, discuss wardrobe choices and what you need from your headshots.  Once we have our plan I like to pass on a few things I've learned from experience and walk you through some directions in the mirror. 

After The Session

Within 12 hours of your session your photographs will be made available online. Simply inform me of your choices and receive your retouched images within 48 hours. Choosing can be a difficult task, and I'm always happy to provide guidance or assistance should you need it.


Package 1 - $1500

Half - Day Wedding (up to 6 hours)

1 Photographer

Package 2 - $2500

Full - Day Wedding (up to 12 hours)

2 Photographers

Your wedding is a unique story I would be honored to retell, contact me to arrange a consultation!


Please note Weddings outside of Virginia may be subject to additional travel charges.

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