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I'm Simon, an Anglo-American photographer with an eclectic taste in Imagery. A keen student of light, and the magic of reality. I have an appetite for showing people something divergent, special, and eye opening. 

My passion lays with photographing people, whether it's portraits or weddings there is something deeply special dare i say sacred about capturing people.


Soon after finishing my Degree in Music & Business I moved to the US, where I spent some time in Virginia where I met my wonderful wife. We chose New York as our new home and started working in Manhattan restaurants and began to experiment with photographic portraiture. A brave new world had just opened to me, and after sharing some of my images I quickly found people asking to work with me. I realized that the images my clients had been using said nothing about them or who they were and I wanted to change that. Understanding that portraits are not only about good light but also a connection between the subject and the photographer I have been honored to help everyone who has come to me for a portrait. Whether you feel like a deer in the headlights or a diva with a camera upon you I am always blessed to work with you to show to the world who you are.

When I'm not behind my camera, You can find me exploring Virginia with my beautiful Staffordshire Terrier, Dahlia, and my amazing wife and assistant Rachel.

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